EarthWeen (a halloween site)

In 1999 I created a Halloween site called with all sorts of information on DIY projects with costume galleries, recipe library, and general information on Halloween.  Unfortunately I never owned the domain. A friend registered the domain name and moved away and never renewed it after mid 2005. Someone claimed it and parked it. Every attempt I’ve made to buy it back has failed. The owner wants 5K for the domain name. I’m only willing to pay $50. In any event, I’ve started this site (domain name) to carry on some of the work I started in 1999. You can see some of the past work using the WayBackMachine at*/

Email me at (Jerry Seiler)

I’ve slowly been able to move over some of the pages from the old site and have added several new pages. See the “Projects” section of the site for do-it-yourself instruction. See the “Ideas” section of the site for some Halloween ideas that might surprise you. The “Ebay Stuff” section has some archived actions that you might find interesting as well. Keep checking back as the site continues to expand and grow.

The site is kept smiple to allow readers to easliy view and print pages.