Motion Sensor

[Motion Sensor Instructions]

Halloween props motion control sensor (pneumatic, animated)

Use this motion control/sensor on one of your Halloween props. Plug in your 110v AC prop into the controller and the controller into a 110v AC power source. Power is delivered from the power source to your prop when motion is sensed (tot passes by sensor). Power is cut once the pre-set time delay has elapsed. There are 4 settings on the sensor, 4 second (test mode), 4 minutes, and 12 minutes.  The time delay counts down as motion sensing has stopped.

The motion control/sensor is a replacement sensor sold for replacement of outdoor lighting (spot lights). The control is new and comes with original instructions. The control is mounted in an outlet box and powered by an indoor extension cord (power in/out). The control is rated 120v AC, 69hz, 4.2amps, max 500 watts.

Your prop is powered by 12v or 24v DC? No problem, just use a wall wart (transformer), plugging it into the output of the control.

Disclaimer: The use of the motion control/sensor is at the user's sole risk. By building the motion control/sensor, the maker understands that the motion control/sensor is intended for educational purposes only and any use of the product is at the user’s own risk. The owners of this website shall not be liable for any damages or personal injury from the use of the motion control/sensor.